Child Care for Kids (ALRC Report 70)

ALRC Report 70 (tabled 8 November 1994) deals specifically with the Child Care Act 1972 (Cth) and the operation of child care outside this legislation through the Children’s Services Program, such as occasional care and family day care.

The main findings of Child Care for Kids (ALRC Report 70) centre on the need for new legislation not only to encompass the variety of child care operations but also to fulfil Australia’s obligations under international law such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC) and to keep pace with social change.

The report accounted for, and recommended, priority for children with special needs including financial hardship, Indigenous children, children from non-English speaking backgrounds, sole-parent families, families in remote and rural areas, children with a disability (or whose parents are disabled) and children at risk of neglect and abuse.

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