Outcome and program structure

Diagram description

The diagram consists of 4 sections, from top to bottom:

  1. Outcome – Informed government decisions about the development, reform and harmonisation of Australian laws and related processes through research, analysis, reports and community consultation and education (connects to layer 2)
  2. Program 1 – Conducting inquiries into aspects of Australian law and related processes for the purpose of law reform.
  3. Delivery
    • ​Conduct inquiries
    • Undertake research
    • Consult stakeholders
    • Elicit submissions
    • Produce consultation documents
    • Produce reports
    • Present at conferences and parliamentary inquiries
    • Track implementation
  4. Key performance indicators 
    • ​Implementation of reports
    • Citations or references
    • Visitors to the website
    • Submissions received
    • Presentations and speaking engagements
    • Media mentions