Internship program

During 2012, the ALRC hosted 15 interns: 10 domestic, 5 international students.  We gratefully acknowledge the contribution to the ALRC’s work by:  Scott McIntosh (Harvard), Ricki Sutherland and Brooke Greenwood (Australian National University), Emille Boulot (Monash University), Ellenor Hayes (Newcastle University), Jillian Morrison (University of Western Sydney), Hannah Innes and Hannah Ryan (University of Sydney),  Ellen Chapple (ANU/USyd), Lindi Todd and Max Dalton (University of NSW), Laurie Holmes and Sharity Bannerman (University of Maryland),  Fritz Siregar (AusAid Scholar, Uni of NSW), and Max Bulinski (University of Michigan) — and we wish them well for the future.

A special thanks to Max Bulinski, Frtiz Siregar, and Hannah Ryan and Max Dalton, who indulged us by recording interviews in which they describe their experiences as ALRC interns:

Dates for the 2013 program 


Intern period

Closing date for applications

Semester 1 (part time)

1 April – 14 June (1 day a week)

11 Feb

Semester 2 (part time)

26 August – 15 Nov (1 day a week)

8 July

Summer 2014 (full time)

3 week period between either:

  • 13 Jan – 31 Jan; or
  • 3 Feb – 21 Feb
28 October