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Prof Rosalind Croucher


Navigating the Maze – Family Violence Inquiry, JD Guest Lecture

Professor Rosalind Croucher, President, Australian Law Reform Commission. University of Melbourne The text below does not include the original footnotes. Download PDF for full version.Introduction In speaking to you today I will be looking at law reform, using the ALRC’s current inquiry into family violence as the illustration, in order to demonstrate the challenges of

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Delenda Est Carthago!’ Sir Robert Richard Torrens and his attack on the evils of conveyancing and dependent land titles: a reflection on the sesquicentenary of the introduction of his great law reforming initiative

 By Professor Rosalind F Croucher [1], ALRC Commissioner, presented as the Alex Castles Memorial Legal History Lecture for Flinders University Law School, Adelaide, 26 August 2008.‘Carthage must be destroyed!’ exclaimed Robert Richard Torrens in concluding his First Reading Speech in introducing his Bill to amend the law of real property in South Australia. Who or what was the Carthage that

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