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IFA 2016 | Protecting the Rights of Older Australians from Abuse

International Federation on Ageing 13th Global Conference, 22–23 June 2016, Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, President, Australian Law Reform Commission; Adjunct Professor, Macquarie University. Protecting the Rights of Older Australians from Abuse—the ALRC’s Elder Abuse InquiryThank you very much for the opportunity to speak about the ALRC Inquiry. I am the head of a Federal Government agency, the Australian Law Reform

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Podcast: The Elder Abuse Issues Paper

TranscriptSabina Wynn (SW): Hello I’m Sabina Wynn, the Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission and I’m here with Professor Rosalind Croucher, President of the ALRC and Commissioner who’s leading our current inquiry into elder abuse.The 15th June marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and on that day the ALRC released its first consultation

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Partnerships in Law Reform—Contributions to Policy and Building Impact

Research Partnership Roundtable, Corrs Chambers Westgarth Offices, Brisbane, 1 June 2016, Professor Rosalind Croucher AM* President, Australian Law Reform CommissionIntroductionThank you very much for inviting me here today. When Amanda Alford wrote to me to invite me to speak, how could I resist? Given that I know Amanda well, I knew it would be: well planned, well organised, and brilliantly

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Resilience recipes

Where do we want to be in 5 years?, 6th National Australian Women Lawyers (AWL) Conference, Perth, 9 april 2016, Professor Rosalind Croucher AM*, President, Australian Law Reform Commission AcknowledgmentThank you, Ann-Maree for your kind introduction.It’s lovely to be in Perth. Not only is it the wonderful traditional lands of the Nyoongar people, it’s also the home or the birthplace of Edith

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Conceptualising law reform references

Australasian Law Reform agencies Conference, Melbourne Law School, 2-4 March 2016. Professor Rosalind Coucher AM, President, Australian Law Reform Commission and the Hon Philip Cummins AM, Chair, Victorian Law Reform Commission.TranscriptProf Rosalind Croucher AM (RC): Thank you, Phillip, for being such a gracious host and organising such a marvellous conference. It’s such a feast to have

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Launch of ALRC Report 129, Traditional Rights and Freedoms—Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws

Wednesday, 2 March 2016, Parliament House, Canberra Professor Rosalind Croucher AMIntroduction and welcomeGood morning and welcome to this important event. I am Professor Rosalind Croucher, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission, and it is my very great privilege to commence the proceedings.I warmly welcome:Attorney-General, Senator the Hon George Brandis QCShadow Attorney-General, the Hon Mark Dreyfus

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Podcast:Traditional Rights and Freedoms—Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws – the Final Report

 Marie-Claire Muir (MC): Hello I’m Marie-Claire Muir, Communications Manager at the Australian Law Reform Commission. I’m talking with ALRC President Professor Rosalind Croucher, who led the Freedoms Inquiry. Today we’re talking about the final report for that Inquiry, Traditional Rights and Freedoms—Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws, which was tabled today in Parliament.Hi Ros. How are you?Rosalind Croucher

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Justice Connections 4 – Institutional Law Reform and Justice

Justice Connections, hosted by the University of Canberra and the Australian National University, University House, 20 November 2015. Part 1Part 2Transcript[This dialogue followed a presentation by Dr Anrew Leigh MP.]Simon Rice (SR): Ros is President of the Australian Law Reform Commission and has just been reappointed for three years, and I chair the ACT Advisory Law Reform Council. So, each of

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Getting to Grips with Encroachments on Freedoms in Commonwealth Laws

Professor Rosalind Croucher AM,* President, Australian Law Reform Commission, to the Australian Academy of Law, Sydney, 27 October 2015 AAL President, the Hon Kevin Lindgren AM, thank you for allowing me to speak about the ALRC’s current inquiry, that we call the ‘freedoms inquiry’.I would like to begin my short talk this evening by acknowledging the traditional custodians

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The ALRC’s first 40 years | Prof Rosalind Croucher AM

Professor Rosalind Croucher AM* President, Australian Law Reform Commission, 23 October 2015, Federal Court, Sydney.Thank you, Mr Kirby, for your wonderfully warm and vivid recollections of the early years of the ALRC.Marking the achievements of four decadesIn my role as President I stand on the shoulders of giants: particularly the six Chairmen and Presidents who have

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