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Webinar – Judicial Impartiality Q&A: Exploring Viewpoints

Monday 19 July 2021, 1–2.30pm AEST

Join us as we explore different perspectives on proposals and questions raised in the Judicial Impartiality Consultation Paper.

In this webinar, we will discuss views from the bench, the profession, academia, and the community on proposals made and questions raised by the ALRC’s Judicial Impartiality Consultation Paper.

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Webinar: The Devilish Detail of Financial Services Laws

Tuesday 20 July 2021, 12–1.00pm AEST

The Australian Law Reform Commission, in partnership with Melbourne Law School, is excited to launch the Company and Securities Law Journal Special Issue: Financial Services Laws – Understanding the Devil in the Detail.

Join us for this webinar which will explore financial services laws in Australia through the lens of the CSLJ Special Issue. The CSLJ articles are a result of close collaboration between leading legal scholars and the ALRC as part of the current Inquiry into financial services legislation in Australia

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Judicial Impartiality

Judicial Impartiality Consultation Paper Cover

Make Your Submission

The Judicial Impartiality Consultation Paper was released on 30 April 2021, with submissions on its questions and reform proposals due by 30 June 2021.

Submission are invited in response to 25 questions and proposals relating to the law on impartiality and bias.


Judicial Impartiality

Amended Timeframe for Reporting

Yesterday the Commonwealth Attorney-General amended the timeframe for reporting for the Review of Judicial Impartiality so that the final report can incorporate analysis of a High Court judgment on bias expected later this year. The revised deadline is ‘30 September 2021, or two months from delivery of the High Court of Australia’s judgment in Charisteas v Charisteas and Ors (Case P6/2021), whichever is later’.

Spotlight On: Judicial Impartiality

Read the series of ‘Spotlight On’ articles highlighting the ALRC’s preliminary views presented in the Consultation Paper.

Financial Service Legislation

Dr Godwin’s leadership secured for Inquiry duration

The ALRC is excited to announce that Dr Andrew Godwin will continue to lead the review of the Legislative Framework for Corporations and Financial Services Regulation for the duration of the Inquiry.


Missed our recent webinars? 

Recordings are now available.

Webinar Recording: The Regulatory Ecosystem for Financial Services in Australia


Webinar Recording: Comparative Perspectives on Financial Services Regulation


Seminar Recording: Public Confidence, Apprehended Bias, and the Modern Federal Judiciary


Monash Students prepare Judicial Impartiality Submissions

Last week the Monash Law School Clinic Students from Clinic Period 2 presented their research projects to the ALRC team. Students worked in groups to prepare two submissions to the Judicial Impartiality Inquiry. Katherine Ryan and Mary Liu responded to Proposal 3 from the Consultation Paper, arguing that each Commonwealth court should develop and publish an accessible guide to recusal and disqualification for members of the public. Hyun (Irene) Park and Prue McLardie-Hore responded to Proposal 18 and Question 21 of the Consultation Paper, addressing judicial diversity, training and overburdening. The ALRC is grateful for the tremendous research support provided by these students over the past few months.

UQ Students contribute to Financial Services Regulation Research 

Last semester University of Queensland law students, Christopher Portway, Katerina Burtaev, Hugo Oates, Michael Boyce, Frances Nam and Ellie Conroy, participated in the UQ LAWS4114 honours course which is supervised by ALRC staff. The research projects undertaken encompassed complex legal issues that have contributed to the ALRC’s current review of the legislative framework for corporations and financial services regulation.

Thank you Christopher, Katerina, Hugo, Michael, Frances and Ellie for your significant contributions to the ALRC research process.