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Policy Transparency, Genetic Counselling and the Required Legal Infrastructure

Presentation by Professor David Weisbrot, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission, to the Symposium on ‘The Legal Implications of Biobanking: An Initial Review of the Legal Infrastructure Development of Taiwan’s Pilot Project’, 8 August 2005. Synopsis Following the sequencing success of the Human Genome Project, research into population genetics is likely to bring the next generation of

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The Kirby Oration – The Human Genome: Lessons for Life, Love and the Law

Professor David Weisbrot, President, Australian Law Reform CommissionThe 8th AIHLE Annual Conference, Hobart, 20 November 2003 First, thank you very much to the Board of the Australian Institute of Health Law and Ethics (AIHLE) and the organisers of this conference, for the great honour of being invited to deliver the opening address.  It is a

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Reform of the civil justice system and economic growth: Australian experience

Professor David Weisbrot, President, Australian Law Reform Commission, ‘Court Reform and Economic Growth’, Fundación ICO Conference, Madrid, 19 October 2000[Not for quotation or publication without the permission of the author or the Conference organisers.]SynopsisThe Australian Law Reform Commission recently completed its four-year inquiry into the federal civil justice system, culminating in the publication of its

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