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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | October

Issue 9 | 28 October 2011  View original format Month in summary Firstly, we would like to thank all our stakeholders who made submissions in response to the Discussion Paper.  We received over 80 formal responses to the DP, which brings us to a total of over 160 submissions to the Inquiry. The public submissions

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Classification e-news | Online forum, ‘politics of play’

Issue 10 | 25 October 2011   View original format New online discussion forum In August this year, following the close of submissions to the Issues Paper, we hosted a discussion forum on the ALRC website focussing on the 8 draft principles for reform. We have now opened a new online discussion board, starting with

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Classification e-news | Discussion Paper released!

Issue 9 | 30 September 2011   View original formatDiscussion Paper now available The ALRC is releasing today the National Classification Scheme Review Discussion Paper (ALRC DP 77), and is calling for submissions from the public.The DP proposes a new framework which envisages: a greater role for industry in classifying content under co-regulatory codes that

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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | Feedback

Issue 8 | 7 September 2011  View original format Calling for feedbackAs readers will be aware, on 19 August we released a Discussion Paper. Those of you who are referring to the full Discussion Paper as you write your submissions might perhaps have noticed that it’s big. Very big.  It’s really seven DPs in one,

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Classification e-news | Results of the discussion forum; focus groups

Issue 8 | 7 September 2011  Online discussion forum overview Over the course of three weeks, the ALRC hosted an online discussion forum encouraging comment on a set of eight draft principles that are being proposed as the foundations of a new National Classification Scheme. The forum attracted 98 comments, from 29 participants. We would

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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | Discussion Paper now available!

Issue 8 | 19 August 2011  View original formatDiscussion Paper now available! At the end of July we told you to expect this Discussion Paper in the first week of August:  we do apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience. Commissioner in charge of the Inquiry and ALRC President Professor Rosalind Croucher

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Classification e-news | Discussion forum: draft principles for reform

Issue 7 | 12 August 2011   As readers would be aware, in May this year the ALRC released an Issues Paper that provided an overview of the current classification system, and an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. Based on submissions in response to that Issues Paper, face-to-face consultations, and a review of relevant

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Classification e-news | R18+ games classification and the ALRC review

Issue 6 | 27 July 2011   View original formatFirstly, thanks to everyone who took the time to read our Issues Paper and make a submission. We have received more than 2,400 submissions, which is a record for any ALRC inquiry, and a testimony to the interest that issues of media classification have in the

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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | Issue 7

Issue 7 | 25 July 2011   View original formatWe’re still here … You haven’t heard from us for a while as we’ve had our heads down reading submissions and preparing the Discussion Paper. This is just a quick heads-up to remind you that the Discussion Paper will be ready soon—in the first week of

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Classification e-news | Record number of submissions received!

Issue 5 | 20 July 2011   View original formatThanks for your submissions Submissions in response to the National Classification Scheme Review Issues Paper closed on 15 July 2011. The ALRC received more than 2000 submissions – a record for any ALRC Inquiry to date! The Classification Review team is now working through the content

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