The ALRC produces a range of publications including:

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  • Consultation Papers and Discussion Papers,
  • Newsletters,
  • Analysis Papers, 
  • Handy Explanatory Notes, and
  • ALRC Brief.



ALRC submission: Proposal for a National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding Framework

NDIS Quality and SafeguardsPO Box 7576Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610 30 April 2015Dear Sir/Madam,I  refer  to  the  invitation  for  submissions  on  the  Disability  Reform  Council’s  consultation  paper  Proposal  for  a National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding Framework (the consultation paper).The ALRC makes the following submission in response to the consultation paper. The submission draws on

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Traditional Rights and Freedoms—Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws (IP 46)

The first consultation document in the ALRC’s ‘Freedoms Inquiry’, a review of Commonwealth laws for consistency with traditional rights, freedoms and privileges.

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Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (ALRC Report 124)

This Inquiry examined laws and legal frameworks within the Commonwealth jurisdiction that deny or diminish the equal recognition of people with disability as persons before the law and their ability to exercise legal capacity.

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Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (ALRC 124 Summary)

This Summary Report provides an accessible overview of the policy framework and recommendations in the final Report, Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (ALRC Report 124), tabled on 24 November 2014.This publication is available for purchase in book format.We have also produced an EASY ENGLISH version of this Summary Report.

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Reconciliation Action Plan update

The ALRC sees reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as comprising both processes and outcomes—requiring meaningful and ongoing dialogue between Indigenous peoples and the ALRC. Respect for Indigenous peoples, participation of Indigenous peoples in ALRC inquiries, and consideration and understanding of issues that are important to Indigenous peoples, are considered essential features of the ALRC’s

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ALRC Brief – October 2014

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Review of the Native Title Act 1993 (DP 82)

The second consultation document in the ALRC’s review of the Native Title Act.

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Annual Report 2013-2014 (ALRC Report 125)

A full HTML version of this publication will be available shortly.

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    Name Location Administrative Appeals Tribunal Sydney Advocacy for Inclusion Sydney Amparo Advocacy Inc Brisbane Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill (ARAFMI) NSW Sydney Christian Astourian, Chair of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia (FECCA) Disability Advisory Council Melbourne Australian Bankers’ Association Sydney Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

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