The ALRC produces a range of publications including:

  • Inquiry Reports,
  • Consultation Documentation,
  • Information sheets, and
  • Reform Journal

The ALRC is committed to improving public access to its work and all past reports and recent consultation papers are available for free viewing and download via this website. 

Some publications are available in book format for purchase.


Insurance Contracts (ALRC Report 20)

ALRC Report 20 (tabled December 1982) examined the adequacy and appropriateness of the law of insurance contracts, given that it was a mixture of common law principles and a number of imperial, federal and state statutes.View ALRC Report 20 on the AustLII website.

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Child Welfare (ALRC Report 18)

ALRC Report 18 (tabled 12 November 1981) report reviews the child welfare laws and practices in the Australian Capital Territory.View ALRC Report 18 on the AustLII website.

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Insurance Agents and Brokers (ALRC Report 16)

ALRC Report 16 was tabled in September 1980.View ALRC Report 16 on the AustLII website.

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Reform of Evidence Law (DP 16)

DP 16, released in 1980, was the second of three consultation papers released as part of this reference.  

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Sentencing of Federal Offenders (Interim report) (ALRC Report 15)

This interim report (tabled May 1980) outlined that there was a need for greater consistency and uniformity in sentences imposed on federal offenders, especially with regards to federal offenders who were tried in state courts, sentenced by state judicial officers and held in state prisons, although they were paroled under federal laws.Following publication of this

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Lands Acquisition and Compensation (ALRC Report 14)

ALRC Report 14 (tabled 22 April 1980) outlined the laws relating to the acquisition of land by the Commonwealth, which was dealt with in the Land Acquisitions Act 1955 (Cth), and compensation for persons whose land or business was adversely affected by the construction or use of Commonwealth works. View ALRC Report 14 on the AustLII website.

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Sentencing of Federal Offenders (DP 15)

In 1980 the Commission published its second Discussion Paper for this inquiry: Sentencing of Federal Offenders (DP 15).

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Privacy and the Census (ALRC Report 12)

ALRC Report 12 (tabled November 1979) reported that the aim of the census was to produce valid statistical information for use by governments, by industry and by voluntary organisations in planning and in making decisions that affect the welfare of all Australians.The report concluded that there were enormous benefits to be gained from the information

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Sentencing: Reform Options (DP 10)

In 1979 the ALRC published a series of research papers as well as a Discussion Paper Sentencing: Reform Options (DP 10). In 1980, the Commission published a second Discussion Paper Sentencing of Federal Offenders (DP 15).  

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Unfair Publication: Defamation and Privacy (ALRC Report 11)

ALRC Report 11 (tabled 7 June 1979) proposed far reaching changes in Australia’s defamation law. It dealt with two important but competing interests: the protection of individual honour, reputation and dignity against the protection of freedom of expression and access to public affairs.View ALRC Report 11 on the AustLII website.

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