The ALRC produces a range of publications including:

  • Inquiry Reports,
  • Consultation Documentation,
  • Information sheets, and
  • Reform Journal

The ALRC is committed to improving public access to its work and all past reports and recent consultation papers are available for free viewing and download via this website. 

Some publications are available in book format for purchase.


Confiscation that Counts: A Review of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1987 (ALRC Report 87)

Final Report, ALRC Report 89, was tabled June 1999. The ALRC’s review of Australia’s confiscation regime found that groundbreaking proceeds of crime legislation—introduced in 1987, and designed to strike at the heart of organised crime by attacking the profit motive—had become largely ineffective.ALRC Report 89 advocates a sharp shift in Australia’s approach to federal assets

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Australia’s Federal Record: A Review of Archives Act 1983 (ALRC Report 85)

ALRC Report 85 was tabled in federal Parliament in July 1998, representing the first major review of the Archives Act 1983 (Cth), which was drafted at a time when Commonwealth government records were predominantly in paper format. View ALRC Report 85 in HTML on the AustLII website. This publication is available for purchase in book format.

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Review of the Federal Civil Justice System (IPs 20-25)

Six Issues Papers were released in 1997 and 1998: Rethinking the Federal Civil Litigation System (IP 20); Rethinking Legal Education and Training (IP 21); Rethinking Family Law Proceedings (IP 22); Technology – What it Means for Federal Dispute Resolution (IP 23); Federal Tribunal Proceedings (IP 24); and ADR: Its role in Federal Dispute Resolution (IP

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Seen and heard: priority for children in the legal process (ALRC Report 84)

ALRC Report 84 was tabled on 19 November 1997. The report calls for widespread reform to Australia’s child protection, education and legal systems to ensure children’s appropriate participation in decision making concerning them.ALRC 84 provides extensive evidence of the problems and neglect of children who come into contact with federal and State legal processes. It

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Integrity: but not by trust alone (ALRC Report 82)

ALRC Report 82  was tabled in federal parliament on 10 December 1996.  ALRC Report 82 was the first extensive review of the Complaints (Australian Federal Police) Act 1981 (Cth), which was considered by many to be outdated and ineffective.View ALRC Report 82 in HTML on the AustLII website.This publication is available for purchase in book format.

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Making Rights Count: Services for People with a Disability (ALRC Report 79)

ALRC Report 79 (tabled October 1996) was the third report in a series of inquiries into Acts administered by the Department of Health and Family Services.This report provides a detailed analysis of the Disability Services Act 1986 (Cth). The Commission identified a number of flaws in the existing system and concluded that the Disability Services

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Legal Risk in International Transactions (ALRC Report 80)

ALRC Report 80, commonly referred to as the Cross Borders report, was tabled on 8 October 1996. The inquiry arose out of concerns about the effectiveness of the legal remedies available when commercial transactions cross international borders.In particular, insolvencies relating to Australian corporate identities Alan Bond and the late Christopher Skase, and the late British

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Speaking for Ourselves: Children and the Legal Process (IP 18)

Speaking for Ourselves: Children and the Legal Process (IP 18) was released in 1996 (along with Speaking for Ourselves: Children and the Legal Process – Kids Issues Paper (IP 17). View IP 18 in HTMLon the AustLII website.

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Review of the Archives Act 1983 (IP 19)

An Issues Paper was released in 1996, titled Review of the Archives Act 1983 (IP 19). The paper is divided into two parts. Part 1 outlines briefly the history of record keeping and of the development of archival institutions and legislation in Australia and other countries. It also raises issues as to the scope and

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Review of the Federal Civil Justice System – Background papers

Prior to the release of issue papers in 1998-95, a series of preliminary background papers were produced in 1996: Review of the Adversarial System of Litigation: An Introduction to the Inquiry (Introductory Pamphlet 1); Federal Jurisdiction (BP 1); Alternative or Assisted Dispute Resolution (BP 2); Judicial and Case Management (BP 3); The Unrepresented Party (BP

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