Final Report


Civil Admiralty Jurisdiction (ALRC Report 33)

ALRC Report 33 (tabled December 1986) found that the Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act 1890 (Imp) had limited civil admiralty jurisdiction to matters that were within the admiralty jurisdiction of England as at 1890. As a result there were many uncertainties about, and unjustified limitations on, the scope of the jurisdiction.The report outlined that any

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Loss of Consortium and Compensation for Loss of Capacity to do Housework (ALRC Report 32)

ALRC Report 32 (tabled 23 October 1986) examined the position in the Australian Capital Territory regarding the doctrine of loss of consortium. This doctrine allows a husband to recover damages for the loss of his wife’s companionship and services resulting from an injury inflicted on her through negligence.In the ALRC’s first report on community law

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Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Laws (ALRC Report 31)

The focus of ALRC Report 31 (tabled 12 June 1986) was whether it would be desirable to apply, either in whole or in part, Aboriginal customary law to Indigenous peoples—generally or in particular areas or to those living in tribal communities only. In addition, the report addressed whether in criminal cases existing courts should be able

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Domestic Violence (ALRC Report 30)

ALRC Report 30 (tabled March 1986) examined the issue of domestic violence within the Australian Capital Territory, focusing exclusively on incidents involving adult people who were married or living in a de facto relationship.Legal institutions’ responses to instances of domestic violence had been criticised on two grounds. First, police were seen as taking a dismissive

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Contributory Negligence in Fatal Accident Cases (ALRC Report 28)

ALRC Report 28 (tabled 29 November 1985) is the first of two reports on community law reform in the ACT.View ALRC Report 28 on the AustLII website.

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Standing in Public Interest Litigation (ALRC Report 27)

ALRC Report 27 (tabled November 1985) provides an overview of the law of standing in public interest litigation. The main areas of the report include discussions on issues of standing in civil proceedings involving both the common law and statutes and discussions on the rules governing private prosecution. ALRC Report 27 identified that the law

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Evidence (Interim) (ALRC Report 26)

The interim report, ALRC Report 26 (tabled 21 August 1985), contained a detailed assessment of the law of evidence as applied in federal and Territory courts and recommendations for reform. A draft Bill was attached to that report to stimulate public discussion. The report consists of two volumes.The legislation contained in the interim report was

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Foreign State Immunity (ALRC Report 24)

This inquiry considered the common law and statutory rules dealing with foreign state immunity and whether there was a need for Commonwealth legislation on the issue. ALRC Report 24 (tabled 10 October 1984) identified that there were good arguments both for extending a degree of immunity to foreign states before Australian courts, and for limiting

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Privacy (ALRC Report 22)

The ALRC received a wide-ranging reference on privacy in April 1976. ALRC Report 22 (tabled December 1983) outlined that privacy was in danger actually and, even more so, prospectively. The report described the chief sources of danger in terms of growing official powers, new business practices and new information technology.View ALRC Report 22 on the AustLII

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Insurance Contracts (ALRC Report 20)

ALRC Report 20 (tabled December 1982) examined the adequacy and appropriateness of the law of insurance contracts, given that it was a mixture of common law principles and a number of imperial, federal and state statutes.View ALRC Report 20 on the AustLII website.

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