Invasions of Privacy enews | Issue 3 | Submissions due Monday!

Issue 3 | 6 November 2013.  View original format.

Reminder: Submissions due Monday!

The submission period has flown by! We want to remind you that submissions are due on 11 November.

During this time we’ve been carrying out consultations with a range of government organisations, media outlets, social media companies, NGOs and special interest groups in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. We’ve been receiving really useful information and feedback about the Issues Paper that will be valuable to us as we embark on the next phase of the Inquiry, reading submissions and starting work on the Discussion Paper.

Publications of submissions

Public submissions will be made available on the ALRC website. Please be aware that we need to read and process each submission prior to putting them on the website, so publication will not be immediate. The page will be updated in stages.

View public submissions >>

Online discussion

The online discussion board will remain open for a few more weeks. We have added a new question to the board that we are keen to get feedback on.