Freedoms Inquiry enews | Issue 4 | Issues Paper

Issues Paper available

The Issues Paper for this Inquiry, Traditional Rights and Freedoms—Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws (IP46), is now available.

IP46 provides a brief explanation of each of the rights, freedoms and privileges listed in the Terms of Reference, their origin and rationale, and how they are protected from statutory encroachment. For each one the ALRC asks the question:  What criteria or principles should be used for determining when encroachment is justified?  The Issues Paper also invites people to identify Commonwealth laws that unjustifiably encroach on traditional rights and freedoms, and to explain why the laws are not justified.

The Issues Paper is available in HTML, PDF, and as an ebook.

The ALRC would like to thank Professor Barbara McDonald, who led the ALRC’s Serious Invasions of Privacy Inquiry, for providing invaluable guidance and assistance to the team in getting to this important first landmark in the Inquiry. Her experience and expertise are greatly appreciated.

Call for submissions

IP46 is the first consultation document for the Freedoms Inquiry. The ALRC invites individuals and organisations to make submissions in response to specific questions, or to any of the background material and analysis provided.

The closing date for submissions is 27 February 2015

We prefer to receive submissions via the online form on the ALRC website, but also accept submissions by post and email. 

Freedoms wiki

In September this year, the ALRC set up a public wiki to create a catalogue of Australian Commonwealth laws that limit or encroach upon traditional rights, freedoms and privileges. The wiki will remain open until the ALRC closes for Christmas break on 24 December 2014.

Thank you to everybody has already contributed.