Freedoms enews | Issue 1 | Terms of Reference

Issue 1, 23 May 2013

Terms of Reference received

Welcome to the first enews for the Review of Commonwealth Laws for Consistency with Traditional Rights, Freedoms and Privileges—we’ll be referring to it as the ‘Freedoms Inquiry’.

Attorney-General, Senator the Hon George Brandis QC,announced this Inquiry in December 2013 and released draft Terms of Reference at that time. The ALRC has now received final Terms of Reference, and we can begin our initial scoping and research process. ALRC President, Professor Rosalind Croucher, will lead the Inquiry.

The ALRC has been asked to deliver an interim report, an Issues Paper, by the end of the year and the final report will be delivered to the Attorney-General in December 2015. We will provide more detail about the timetable for the Inquiry and our consultation processes in the coming months.

Information about the ALRC’s Inquiry process is available on our website and is produced in Easy English and 20 community languages, including AUSLAN.