Doing the Financial Product Hokey Pokey

While many of us unplugged and relaxed over the festive season, members of the ALRC team used their downtime to pursue some creative works inspired by the ALRC’s Financial Services Legislation Inquiry.

Following the popularity of our 12 Days of Christmas (infused with the mildly competitive spirit of the team), children’s nursery rhymes have become the next target for an ALRC lyrical makeover.

In an ode to s 763A Corporations Act 2001 and its progeny, the Hokey Pokey has been reimagined. The legislative twist on this childhood melody pokes fun at the complexity of financial products, putting products in and out and shaking them all about.

Look out for more light-hearted takes on the complexity of financial services legislation coming soon.

For a more serious examination of the ALRC Inquiry, readers are invited to view the first Interim Report for the Review of the Legislative Framework for Corporations and Financial Services Regulation, which was tabled in parliament by the Attorney-General on 30 November 2021. This Interim Report focuses in particular on the use and design of definitions in legislation.

Submissions on 16 proposals and 8 questions in relation to reform of corporations and financial legislation are invited until 25 February 2022.

Download the Summary Report.

Download Interim Report A.