Copyright enews | Issue 8 | Online discussion – what is fair?

Issue 8 | 24 June 2013.  View original format.

Online discussion – what is fair?

A key proposal in the Discussion Paper released on 5 June 2013 was the introduction of a broad, flexible exception for fair use of copyright material (see Chapter 4 – The Case for Fair Use in Australia). This would allow people to use copyright material without getting permission from the rights holders, as long as the use is “fair”.

Today we have opened an online discussion board to obtain views on what people think is fair and not fair when it comes to using other people’s content and copyright material, and for what purposes. We particularly want to hear from individuals who may not make a formal submission, including creators and users of copyright material.

Comedian, writer and filmmaker Dan Ilic has kindly kicked things off for us with an initial post.

Commenting on this forum will close on Wednesday 24 July 2013.

Copyright and Fair Use – Online Discussion >>

For those wanting a (very) condensed overview of the Discussion Paper, Commissioner Jill McKeough has recorded a short podcast describing key aspects.

Online submission form available

For individuals and organisations making formal submissions in response to the Discussion Paper, the online submission form is now available.

We prefer to receive submissions via the online form, which provides a space to respond to each question/proposal and room for additional comments. There is no obligation to respond to every item. Simply choose those which are relevant to you.

We also accept submissions by post and email, preferably in Word format.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 31 July 2013.

Submissions will be published on the ALRC website.

Find out more about making a submission >>