Classification e-news | Final Report tabled today

Issue 12 | 1 March 2012   View original format

Final Report tabled today!

The Final Report for the National Classification Scheme Review, Classification—Content Regulation and Convergent Media (ALRC Report 118), was tabled in Parliament today.  It is now publicly available for viewing, download or purchase. A smaller Summary Report is also available.

The report makes 57 recommendations for a national classification scheme in the new media landscape.

The full media release is available on the website, as are the Final and Summary Reports:

Pilot Study Report

In the course of the National Classification Scheme Review, the ALRC commissioned consultants Urbis Pty Ltd to conduct a series of forums to assess community attitudes to content that falls within higher-level classification categories. The report contains an analysis of the findings of that pilot study, and is also now available on the ALRC website.

What happens now?

As the Final Report is now tabled, this is the last Classification e-news we will be sending out.

The ALRC’s recommendations do not automatically become law. The Australian Government decides whether to implement the recommendations, in whole or in part, and there is no set time frame in which the Government is required to respond. Implementation of ALRC recommendations is tracked and recorded each year in the ALRC’s Annual Report. We also provide updates about implementation in the ALRC Brief.

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your interest and participation in this Review.