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Discussion Paper now available

The ALRC is releasing today the National Classification Scheme Review Discussion Paper (ALRC DP 77), and is calling for submissions from the public.

The DP proposes a new framework which envisages:

  • a greater role for industry in classifying content under co-regulatory codes
  • that content will be classified in the same way whether it is viewed on television, at the cinema, on DVD or online;
  • changes to classification categories to make them more age-based, assisting parents in knowing what is best for their children, and
  • the Commonwealth taking on full responsibility for administration and enforcement of the new scheme.

The DP puts forward 43 specific proposals for reform on which it is seeking public input.

Submissions close on 18 November 2011.

Because we appreciate the time constraints on stakeholders and the impracticality of asking all respondents to tackle the full Discussion Paper, we have also produced a brief Summary Paper. It gives informed stakeholders easy access to the principles on which our ideas are based and what we are actually suggesting.

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Making a submission

Submissions are actively sought by the ALRC from a broad cross-section of the community, as well as those with a special interest in the inquiry. These submissions are crucial in assisting the ALRC to develop its final recommendations. It is helpful if comments address specific questions or proposals in the Discussion Paper.

We strongly encourage respondents to make their submissions using the online submission form. We are in the process of developing that form, and it will be available by Thursday 6 October. It will accessible via this webpage:

It is also possible to provide your submission via email or mail.

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