Celebrating NAIDOC week 2012

They dared to challenge – this year’s theme celebrates the champions who lived to renew the spirit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through the establishment of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972. Forty years ago, the embassy became a powerful symbol of unity. Its founders instilled pride, advanced equality and educated the country on the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. (NAIDOC website)

The ALRC has the opportunity to contribute to social justice and advance equality through reforming and developing the law, but can only do so with contribution from the community.

As the ALRC celebrates NAIDOC week 2012, we would like to thank and acknowledge Indigenous organisations and individuals who have contributed to our work in recent and current inquiries, including Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws and Age Barriers to Work, and to the ALRC’s work generally. In meeting with us for consultations and providing written submissions, they have given generously of their time and support. We would also like to recognise the important work they do within the community.

In particular we would like to thank:

  • Aboriginal Family Law Services, Perth
  • Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria
  • Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia
  • Emily Webster, Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service
  • Virginia Marshall, Senior Legal Officer, Family Violence and Commonwealth Laws Inquiry
  • Jade Kennedy, Arrilla Indigenous Training and Development Consultants
  • Reconciliation Australia