Family Violence Inquiry Blog

With the release of the Consultation Paper for the Family Violence Inquiry in April 2009, the ALRC began its second social media pilot project in the form of a blog. This enabled comments and dialogue about individual questions, proposals and paragraphs of the Consultation Paper.

From the launch of the FVI blog on 29 April 2010 to the close on 25 June 2010, there were:

  • 2034 visits from 1139 unique visitors;
  • 165 comments from 18 different participants; and
  • 65 registered users.

The Inquiry blog was promoted alongside the Online Submission Form on the ALRC website, via the Inquiry e-newsletter, on the Australia Policy Online News Service and via the ALRC Twitter feed.

In addition, the blog was featured as Blog of the Week on Open Forum ( Open Forum is an independent collaborative discussion website focused on social, political, economic, ecological and cultural issues and challenges.

The FVI blog also featured in the Australian Gov 2.0 Showcase. This website was set up by the Department of Finance and Deregulation to create a showcase of Australian government innovation in the Gov 2.0 space.

An interactive demonstration, explaining how the blog operated, can be viewed below.