ALRC Contributor

Venetia Brown

Legal Officer – Jun 2019 to Feb 2020

Venetia joined the ALRC in June 2019 as a Legal Officer. In this role, she leads research and writing for specific aspects of ALRC Inquiries. 

At the ALRC, Venetia has worked on the following Inquiries:

Venetia started her legal career as an associate in the Queensland District Court, and to two judges of the Federal Court. Following this, Venetia was admitted to practice in 2015 and worked in private practice in Sydney, London and Brisbane with a particular focus on litigation. Venetia has lectured in Evidence Law at the University of Sydney and is currently a Sessional Academic at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She currently teaches Design Thinking in a legal context at QUT, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate law students a creative, collaborative, human-centred approach to legal problem solving. She is a long-time volunteer solicitor at Caxton Legal Centre’s General Law evening sessions.  She is also a proud member of LawchestraQ, an ensemble of legal professionals supported by The Legal Forecast Creative and patron, the Honourable Justice Philippides of the Queensland Court of Appeal.



Corporate attribution – principled simplicity

In its Discussion Paper on Australia’s corporate criminal responsibility regime, the ALRC proposes a simplified method for attributing criminal responsibility to corporations.   What follows is a short summary and explanation of the key principles underlying that proposal. The law treats corporations as ‘people’. Therefore, the prohibitions imposed on people are usually applicable for both humans

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Be Civil not Criminal: The Role of the Criminal law in the Regulatory Pyramid

—  The reality we have found is that when you actually map the criminal laws which are applicable to corporations, what you find is much closer to a rhomboid than a neat pyramid. The scope and scale and pervasiveness of criminal offences which are potentially applicable to corporations, is shocking. —  Read Venetia’s full speech

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