ALRC Contributor

Nicholas Simoes da Silva

Senior Legal Officer

Nicholas is a Senior Legal Officer at the ALRC. In this role, he leads research and writing for specific aspects of ALRC Inquiries. Nicholas joined the ALRC in November 2020 and has worked on the following inquiries:

Prior to joining the ALRC, Nicholas worked on credit and insurance law reform and regulatory surveillances at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. He has also been a research assistant and research associate at the Australian National University (ANU) Centre for European Studies.

Nicholas has a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of International Relations from the ANU, where he also obtained a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.


RECORDING From Ideas to Action: What Interim Report C means for you

Restructuring and reframing the legislative framework for financial services Why does the structure and framing of legislation matter? What are the problems with the current structure of Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act? How can financial services legislation be made easier to navigate and understand? On Monday 10 July 2023, the ALRC hosted a webinar

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WEBINAR From Ideas to Action: What Interim Report C means for you

Restructuring and reframing the legislative framework for financial services Monday 10 July 2023 at 1.00pm AEST Register now Everyday objects are easier to use if they are well designed. The same is true of the law. Join the ALRC to examine Interim Report C and what it means for you. Hear about the ALRC’s proposals for

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User-friendly legislation: Why we need it, and how to achieve it

Modern smartphones are some of the most technologically sophisticated pieces of equipment ever invented. And yet, to operate one, you don’t need a PhD in computer science or years of experience. For the most part, their operations are intuitive and their functions easily navigable. If only the same could be said for all modern legislation.

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The Wondrous Universe of Law: The ALRC’s DataHub and a new age of legal exploration

In this article the ALRC announce the launch of the DataHub, which will enable greater explorations of our Universe of Law. Using the DataHub and new tools of discovery, this article summarises four key learnings about our law. They concern the law’s scale, expansion, complexity, and tendency to disorder. These learnings, and others gleaned from the DataHub, can help improve our Universe of Law, for the benefit of all.

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Risk and Reform in Australian Financial Services Law

Australian Law Journal Article by Nicholas Simoes da Silva and Dr William Isdale.

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ALRC talks with practitioners at the 2022 Law Council of Australia’s Corporations Law Workshop

How to simplify the Corporations Act and financial services laws was the focus of the ALRC’s presentation to the  Law Council of Australia’s 2022 Corporations Law. The workshop was held in Katoomba, NSW on the 3-5 June 2022.

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Podcast: The Corporate Counsel Show: Risk, reform and financial services

Nicholas Simoes da Silva features on the Lawyers Weekly Podcast, The Corporate Counsel Show, discussing the Australian Law Reform Commission’s latest background paper, Risk and Reform in Australian Financial Services Law (FSL5). Hosted by Jerome Doraisamy, Nicholas discusses the evolution of risk and its implications for financial services legislation. “The key objective of our ongoing

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Shifting sands in the regulation of financial risk: the ALRC’s new Background Paper on Risk and Reform in Australian Financial Services Law

In a new Background Paper — Risk and Reform in Australian Financial Services Law (FSL5) — the Australian Law Reform Commission explores how an evolution in thinking about risk has been an important driver of financial services law reform. In particular, the Paper reveals how the ‘shifting sands’ of regulatory approaches have resulted in legislation that is unwieldy and extraordinarily complex.

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Tidying our house of law: bringing the Marie Kondo philosophy to the Commonwealth statute book

Australian Public Law Blog Article by Dr William Isdale and Nicholas Simoes da Silva

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RECORDING Reducing Complexity: Why? Where? How?

On Thursday 10 February 2022, the Australian Law Reform Commission hosted a webinar to delve deeper into key proposals and questions from Interim Report A of the ALRC’s ongoing Financial Services Legislation Inquiry.  The webinar offered perspectives on three key questions: Why should we seek to reduce the complexity of corporations and financial services legislation?

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