ALRC Contributor

Nadine Davidson-Wall

Communications and Events Coordinator

Nadine joined the ALRC in January 2020 as the Communications and Events Coordinator. In this role, Nadine coordinates the strategic communications for the Commission across a broad spectrum of digital and traditional mediums. Nadine also facilitates all ALRC events, both those that take place in person and in virtual environments. She is responsible for the design and delivery of ALRC reports and prior to her full-time appointment she worked with the ALRC on the design and typesetting of a number of reports.

During her time with the ALRC, Nadine has contributed to the following inquiries:

Nadine has significant experience in marketing, communications, event management and graphic design within the legal sector, most recently at the Bar Association of Queensland and the University of Queensland School of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications) from Curtin University and a Graduate Certificate in Business (PR) from QUT.