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Christopher Ash

Principal Legal Officer

Christopher joined the ALRC in November 2020. As a Principal Legal Officer, he leads research and writing for specific aspects of ALRC Inquiries.

At the ALRC, Christopher has worked on the following Inquiry:

Christopher was admitted as a solicitor in 2012 and commenced his career as an associate at the Supreme Court of Queensland. Christopher has worked in private practice in Australia and the United Kingdom, and prior to joining the ALRC worked in legal roles at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Christopher holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (Distinction) from the University of Oxford, Bachelors of Arts and Laws (First Class Honours) degrees from the University of Queensland, and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law.


RECORDING Legislation Renovation: What Interim Report B means for you

On Wednesday 16 November 2022, the ALRC hosted a webinar to examine Interim Report B and its proposed legislative model. Hear about the research and novel data analysis underpinning the ALRC’s most recent report into simplifying the legislative framework for corporations and financial services legislation.

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The Design of Everyday Law

In this article the ALRC considers how principles of ‘human-centred design’ could be used to improve the ‘user experience’ of Australia’s legislation — and increase the likelihood that it is understood and complied with.

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Re-designing our House of Law: Legislative hierarchy and design in financial services law

The ALRC launches Interim Report B as part of its Review of the Legislative Framework for Corporations and Financial Services Regulation. The report focuses on the role of legislative design and hierarchy in ensuring that the law is coherent and navigable, while remaining flexible enough to meet future needs.

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RECORDING Reducing Complexity: Why? Where? How?

On Thursday 10 February 2022, the Australian Law Reform Commission hosted a webinar to delve deeper into key proposals and questions from Interim Report A of the ALRC’s ongoing Financial Services Legislation Inquiry.  The webinar offered perspectives on three key questions: Why should we seek to reduce the complexity of corporations and financial services legislation?

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Cutting back the thicket of corporations and financial services law

Proctor Article by Dr William Isdale and Christopher Ash

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Undue complexity in Australia’s corporations and financial services legislation

This article discusses two of the key themes arising so far from the ALRC’s review into corporations and financial services law – namely, undue complexity, and poor navigability. It also provides a brief overview of some of the reforms suggested in Interim Report A, released on 30 November 2021.

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Legislative morass and the rule of law: a warning, and some possible solutions

Australian Public Law Blog Article by William Isdale and Christopher Ash

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