Published on 9 May 2019. Last modified on 28 June 2019.

Starting the conversation on law reform


Where next for law reform?

We are asking you: where next for law reform in Australia? What areas of law should be the subject of an ALRC Inquiry?  

The ALRC has initiated a national conversation about what should be the priorities for law reform over the next three to five years (Priorities for Law Reform). This conversation is about giving Australians a say in what areas of law should be the focus of a law reform inquiry by the ALRC.

Through an online survey, individuals and organisations will have the opportunity to provide comments on potential law reform topics and make their own suggestions about areas of law they believe are in need of reform. The ALRC will also hold consultations with key stakeholders and conduct public seminars.

This national conversation forms part of the ALRC’s longstanding commitment to broad public participation in law reform.

Priorities for Law Reform will culminate in a proposed three to five year programme of law reform projects that the ALRC will submit to the Commonwealth Attorney-General for consideration in mid to late 2019. While it is the responsibility of the Attorney-General to determine which matters are to be examined by the ALRC, the ALRC may make suggestions. By hosting this national conversation the ALRC is asking the public what suggestions it should make to the Attorney-General.

The information below describes the types of problem the ALRC investigates, identifies how the ALRC will select which law reform projects to propose as part of its Priorities for Law Reform, and outlines a number of potential law reform topics so that stakeholders and the general public can comment on those ideas. Additionally, the topics set out in this Paper may assist stakeholders and the public to develop their own law reform topic suggestions. All suggestions will be considered by the ALRC in developing its proposed Priorities for Law Reform.

To start the converation we have prepared a short PDF iconnote outlining:

  • our consultation process,
  • how we will prioritise potential law reform projects; and
  • some suggestions for areas of law ripe for reform.

The survey sets out seven suggested topics for reform as well as providing you with the option to suggest your own. The seven topics are:

  1. PDF iconThe Australian Constitution
  2. PDF iconBanking, Superannuation and Financial Services
  3. PDF iconEnvironmental Law
  4. PDF iconCommonwealth Anti-Corruption Measures
  5.  PDF iconImmigration law
  6. PDF iconTaxation
  7. PDF iconDefamation

As part of this project we will be hosting a series of public seminars:

  • UNSW, 29 May 2019, the Constitution and Public Law
  • ANU, 12 June 2019, Technology and the Law. 
  • Melbourne University, 18 June 2019, the Constitution and Immigration Law. 
  • Brisbane Federal Court, 20 June 2019, Environment, Energy and Resources Law.

A word version of our survey is available Filehere, if you are unable to use the online survey tool.