What is ALRAC?

Since its inception in 1973 as an initiative of the NSW Law Reform Commission, ALRAC has provided a valuable opportunity for law reform agencies to exchange ideas and share experiences in law reform. The ultimate goal of ALRAC is to advance the work of law reform agencies across the region.

Each ALRAC has been organised by a host jurisdiction within the Australasian region. A number of other Australian state and territory law reform bodies have taken responsibility for organising conferences over the years, as have law reform agencies in Pacific Island nations such as Vanuatu, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. The last time ALRAC was held in Brisbane was in 2010, hosted then by the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

Though each ALRAC varies, most participants generally represent law reform agencies from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Regional Pacific organisations have also been involved in ALRAC in the past, as have other global law reform networks and members of those networks.