Intern interviews

Listen to interviews with international and domestic interns, recorded 2011-2016. 


Andrew Trotter, Queensland University of Technology, July 2011

An internship at the ALRC was a great opportunity, and one which has opened many other doors.  The valuable policy experience, the contact with inspiring people and the inquisitive and collaborative work environment have encouraged me to seek out other opportunities and equipped me to contribute, hopefully, some benefit to the endeavours of the international tribunals and documentation centre in India.   

Lucinda O’Dwyer, Monash University, January 2011

The internship exceeded my expectations. I was given the opportunity to conduct comprehensive legal research for various inquiries, which greatly enhanced my knowledge of a number of discrete areas of law. Perhaps most importantly, I valued the opportunity to produce meaningful work for a real purpose. The most beneficial aspect of my internship was the opportunity to observe the work of Legal Officers and gain an appreciation of the quality and quantity of work expected in a professional legal organisation. The most interesting experience was attending the Discovery Team meeting and observing the process of Legal Officers determining the structure and content of a final report.

Ming Li,  University of NSW, October 2010

My internship at the ALRC has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.  I commenced the internship with the expectation of learning more about law reform, policy formulation, and the Australian democratic process in general through the work of independent agencies like the ALRC.  Some unexpected positives include attending the advisory committee meeting and consultations.  I expected undertaking research tasks, but to have such close contact with stakeholders was a thrilling experience, and an interesting learning opportunity. 

Kyrren Konstantinidis, Sydney University, October 2010

The ALRC internship has certainly met my expectations. It has provided an intellectually stimulating and invaluable insider’s view into the process and development of law reform. Each day has been different, which has certainly kept the work exciting and interesting. One thing I did not expect but was pleasantly surprised to see was the depth of involvement of interns in the workings of the Commission and how much my contribution was valued by supervising legal officers. The most fascinating aspect of my internship has been my involvement in consultations with various legal and public stakeholders during the Commonwealth family violence inquiry. It was incredibly gratifying to see firsthand how the research I had conducted in preparation for those meetings assisted in the discussion of live issues during the consultation process. I would recommend it to anyone with a genuine interest in law reform.

'2009 Rhodes Scholar maintains family winning streak', Connections 2009

Work experience with the Australian Law Reform Commission had shown her [Caitlin Goss] how law reform could have an impact on the community through improving the laws surrounding issues such as medical privacy and the sentencing of criminals. Ms Goss hoped her studies would allow her to help set up new legal systems in countries recovering from war.

Mariam Jacob, University of NSW, 2009

The ALRC pursues a policy of involving interns as closely as possible in its work, and into the fabric of the Commission. This Commission consults widely across the community, and at the time of my internship there were many meetings with academics and well-known and experienced figures in the legal community. As a student, it is undeniably thrilling to encounter and learn from people whose work one is familiar with, and have studied.

Tracy Nau, University of NSW

I gained a fantastic insight into the public policy processes involved in conducting inquiries ... It was a highly worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone who is curious about or has an interest in public policy.

Peter Fox, University of Maryland

I think this will be an influential experience for me, as it will inform my career aspirations and ultimate choices in law and public policy. The ALRC has set a very high standard regarding the type of work environment I hope to enjoy in my own career.

Published on 30 June 2010. Last modified on 13 April 2017.