The ALRC does not provide placements to students needing accreditation as part of a professional legal practice course or school students for work experience placements.

School work experience

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) does not accept school students for work experience placements. The ALRC is generally unable to provide stimulating work experience tasks for school students without placing an inappropriate burden on the supervisor and the ALRC.

Legal practical work experience

The ALRC does not accept interns where the purpose of the internship would be to gain practical work experience required for professional admission as a solicitor or barrister, such as is required by students attending the College of Law.

Given the lack of client-based tasks, the ALRC’s work is generally incompatible with the requirements of these programs, and significant changes would have to be made to the internship program to cater for such a student. In addition, in many cases the ALRC would not be able to provide an appropriate supervisor with relevant qualifications in accordance with the accreditation requirements.

Published on 30 June 2009. Last modified on 18 January 2011.