ALRC Staff

Mr Matt Corrigan

General Counsel

Ms Claudine Kelly

Executive Support Officer and
EA to Justice Sarah Derrington (President)

Ms Nadine Davidson-Wall

Communications and Events Coordinator

Corporations and Financial Services Inquiry

Associate Professor Andrew Godwin

Special Counsel
(14 December 2020 – 11 June 2021)

Mr Micheil Paton

Principal Legal Officer

Ms Cindy Davies

Legal Officer

Ms Phoebe Tapley

Legal Officer

Mr Samuel Walpole

Legal Officer

Ms Stefanie Car 

Research Associate

Ms Alison Lee

Research Associate

Judicial Impartiality Inquiry

Ms Sarah Fulton

Acting Principal Legal Officer

Ms Tess Van Geelen

Legal Officer

Ms Geneviève Murray (on leave)

Legal Officer

Staff on leave

Ms Venetia Brown

Legal Officer