It is ALRC policy to publish public submissions on this website. Publication will not be immediate as submissions need to be read and processed prior to publication. 

Submissions marked 'not published' have been withheld from publication for privacy or legal concerns.

Submissions to Discussion Paper (DP83)

194. A Connelly (Word)

195. K Cheng (Word)

196. D Young (PDF)

203. B Carbines (Word)

205. H Macdonald (Word)

206. D Young (Word)

208. Name withheld (Word)

209. B Pace (PDF)

210. Elders and the Law Class at Ringwood University of the Third Age (Word)

211. W Robinson (PDF)

212. G Harrigan (Word)

214. Name withheld (Word)

215. Name withheld (Word)

216. UnitingCare Australia (PDF)

218. N Hills (Word)

220. S Dunlop (Word)

221. The Millers Point Community Working Party (Word)

222. P McCool (Word)

224. D Hannigan (Word)

225. Costantino & Co (PDF)

227. Name withheld (Word)

228. C Fairweather (Word)

229 W Millist (Word)

230. W Millist (Word)

232. Brotherhood of St Laurence (Word)

235. S Biggs (Word)

236. Carers Queensland (PDF)

237. C Puplick (Word)

238. Tenants Union of NSW (PDF)

239. E Davidson (Word)

240. Name withheld (Word)

241. W Bonython & B Arnold  (Word)

242. ADJ Consultancy Services (Word)

243. Assets, Ageing and Intergenerational Transfers Research Prorgam, The University of Queensland (Word)

243. Assets, Ageing and Intergenerational Transfers Research Prorgam, The University of Queensland (Word)

244. Lutheran Church of Australia (Word)

245. Queensland Nurses' Union (PDF)

246. Office of the Public Advocate Victoria (Word)

More to come ...

Submissions to Issues Paper (IP47)

01. B Kelly (Word)

02. L McGough (not published)

03. Name Withheld (PDF)

06. A Shum, C Fitzpatrick, R Jurkov, B Carruth, N Laskowski (Word)

07. A Rahn (Word)

08. E Turner (Word)

09. K Beelitz (Word)

10. Social Work Dept Redland Hospital, Qld Health (Word)

11. S Lyttle (not published)

12. H Vidler (Word)

13. R Selir, Y Selir, Selir family (PDF)

14. Name withheld (PDF)

15. K Mannix (Word)

16. Old Colonists' Association of Victoria (Word)

17. Name withheld (Word)

18. Aged Care Service, Murrumbidgee Local Health District (Word)

19. Name withheld (Word)

20. Name withheld (PDF)

21. Housing for the Aged Action Group (Word)

22. J Lau (PDF)

23. B Fernandez, D Own, E Barff and G Dykstra (Word)

24. R McCullagh (PDF)

25. Name withheld (Word)

26. P Kipppmrak N Morrissery, M Staley (PDF)

27. Carers Queensland (PDF)

28. Quality Aged Care Action Group Incorporated (QACAG) (Word)

29. New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association (Word)

30. Social Work Department, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service; Queensland Health (Word)

31. B McGowan (Word)

32. A Devlyn (Word)

33. G Chionh Hai Ming (Word)

34. E Durrell (Word)

35. R Hina Khan (Word)

36. Alices Garage (PDF)

37. A Yau (Word)

38. C Fruhwirth (Word)

39. J Hampton (Word)

40. R Leighton (Word)

41. H Snobar (Word)

42. S Patchell (Word)

43. Older Persons Advocacy Network (Word)

44. University of Newcastle Legal Centre (Word)

45. A Johnston (PDF)

46. Name withheld (PDF)

47. Queensland Nurses’ Union (PDF) 

48. K Temmen (Word)

49. L Hammond (Word)

50. K Fernance (PDF)

51. Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine (Word)

52. Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (Word)

53. Women's Legal Services NSW (PDF)

54. Cochrane Public Health Group (PDF)

55. S Hooley-Yates (Word)

56. C Harold (Word)

57. G and J Bird (Word)

58. Legal Aid ACT (Word)

59. I Jones (Word)

60. Care Inc. Financial Counselling Service  & The Consumer Law Centre of the ACT (Word)

61. Law Council of Australia (PDF)

62. P Horsley (Word)

63. J Ibrahim (Word)

64. M Alexander (Word)

65. National Ageing Research Institute and Australian Association of Gerontology (Word)

66. M Agllias (Word)

67. T Le (Word)

68. C Barrett (PDF)

69. J Hunt (Word)

70. P Johnson (Word)

71. B Powell (Word)

72. S Giles (Word)

73. D Dalton (Word)

74. Dixon Advisory (PDF)

75. Seniors Legal and Support Service Hervey Bay (PDF)

76. Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association (PDF)

77. E Cotterell (PDF)

78. Financial Services Council (PDF)

79. A Freeman (Word)

80. Alzheimer's Australia (PDF)

81. J Peters (Word)

82. Gadens (PDF)

84. Elder Care Watch (PDF)

85. T Lettenmaier (Word)

86. Advocare Inc (WA) (Word)

87. Top End Womens Legal Service (TEWLS) (PDF)

88. T J Beeson (Word)

89. Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA) (PDF)

90. Australian Research Network on Law and Ageing (ARCNLA) (Word)

91. TASC National (Word)

92. A Stokes (Word)

93. Nothern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission (PDF)

94. A Howard (Word)

95. Office of the Public Advocate Victoria (Word)

96. J Richards (Word)

97. T Ashby (Word)

98. The Public Trustee of Queensland (Word)

99. R Lewis (1) (Word)

100. R Lewis (2) (Word)

101. R Lewis (3) (Word)

102. Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) (PDF)

103. J Green (not published)

104. Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) (PDF)

105. R & L E. Driver (PDF)

106. B Sweetman (Word)

107. Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) (PDF)

108. J Cullen & J O'Keeffe (Word)

109. E Cole Darby (Word)

110. Macarthur Legal Centre (Word)

111. Protecting Seniors Wealth (Word)

112. Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) (Word)

113. Department of Health Submission (PDF)

114. Resthaven (Word)

115. S Goegan (Word)

116. North Australian Aboriginal Legal Service (Word)

117. UNSW Law Society (Word)

118. K Pincer (Word)

119. MIGA (PDF)

120. NSW Trustee & Guardian (PDF)

121. S Kurrle (Word)

122. J Rock (not published)

124. D Wood (not published)

125. Relationships Australia Victoria (PDF)

126. T Ul-Haq (Word)

127. N Smith (Word)

128. Legal Services Commission SA (PDF)

129. University of Melbourne and Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (PDF)

130. M Karemu (Word)

131. Name withheld (PDF)

132. GLBTI Rights in Ageing Institute (GRAI) (PDF)

134. Capacity Australia (Word)

135. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Inslander Legal Services (NATSILS) (PDF)

136. Older Women's Network NSW (Word)

137. Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) (PDF)

138. State Trustees Victoria (Word)

139. ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS) (Word)

140. Legal Aid NSW (PDF)

141. Townsville Community Legal Service Inc (TCLS) (PDF)

142. Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (PDF)

143. Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) (PDF)

144. Name withheld (PDF)

145. United Voice (PDF)

146. Australian National University Elder Abuse Law Student Research Group (ANU EALSRG) (PDF)

147. Australian College of Nursing (Word)

148. Aged Care Complaints Commissioner (Word)

149. Office of the Public Advocate (PDF)

150. ADA Australia (Word)

151. National Welfare Rights Network (Word)

152. Law Society of Western Australia (PDF)

153. Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) (PDF)

154. National Seniors (PDF)

155. L Barratt (Word)

156. National LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF)

157. Carers Australia (PDF)

158. S Smithson (not published)

159. Queensland Law Society (PDF)

160. NSW Ombudsman (PDF)

161. Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre (PDF)

162. UnitingCare Australia (Word)

163. Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF) (PDF)

164. J Nixon (not published)

165. Aged Care Crisis (Word)

166. ARAS (PDF)

167. People with Disability Australia (Word)

168. Speech Pathology Australia (PDF)

169. Senior Rights Service (PDF)

170. Office of the Public Advocate South Australia (Word)

171. Senior Rights Victoria (Word)

173. Office of the Public Guardian Qld (PDF)

174. Caxton Legal Centre (PDF)

175. Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) (PDF)

176. Tenants Union NSW (PDF)

177. Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) (PDF)

178. Friends of Millers Point (PDF)

179. Joint submission: Cohealth and Justice Connect Seniors Law (PDF)

180. Older Persons Legal Services Network (PDF)

181. Name withheld (PDF)

182. Justice Connect (PDF)

184. Welfare Rights Centre NSW (Word)

185. Relationships Australia (Word)

186. Hume Riverina CLS (Word)

187. Commissioner for Senior Victorians (Word)

188. C Jenkinson (PDF)

189. Name withheld (PDF)

190. WA Police (Word)

191. FMC Mediation and Counselling (PDF)

192. National Legal Aid (PDF)

193. C Cross (Word)

Published on 15 August 2016. Last modified on 24 February 2017.