FOI disclosure log

Australian Government agencies are required to publish a list of documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) within 10 working days of the applicant receiving the documents.

Documents disclosed in response to an FOI request are subject to the following exceptions:

  • personal information or information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication would be unreasonable;
  • information determined by the Australian Information Commissioner not to be disclosed;
  • information that cannot reasonably practicably be published because of required deletions to the document.

The ALRC has maintained a list of documents disclosed under the FOI Act (with redactions) since 1 January 2011. 

FOI number  Date of access  FOI request  Information published in the disclosure log  Other information 
11/75-2 Request received 28/07/12. Date of access unknown 17 documents pertaining to The Judicial Power of the Commonwealth: A Review of the Judiciary Act 1903 and Related Legislation ALRC Report 92, comprising correspondence and consultation notes. N/A. These documents reside with National Archives. National Archives made these documents available to the applicant.
11/75-01 24/01/12

Confidential submissions in response to the National Classification Review Discussion Paper (DP 77).

FOI 11/75-01 documents

6 documents released with removal of submitters' names and contact details. 2 documents were considered to be exempt under s 45 of the FOI Act.